Complete Your Security Setup

Network Switches

Our PoE switches allow you to conveniently manage up to 24 ethernet-ready devices at once.

Cabling & Bases

We sell a range of cables to suit your security install. Keep them tidy with our camera bases.


We sell a range of high-quality monitors that offer sharp resolution and super fast response times.

Power & Extenders

From box & inline PSUs, to video baluns and HDMI splitters, we have power accessories to suit you.


Check that your cameras and cables are working correctly with our easy-to-use testers.

Storage Units

Add extra protection and keep your setup tidy with our range of lockboxes and racking systems.

Elevate Your Security Setup

Are you ready to enhance your security strategy? Our team of expert consultants stands ready to assist. Reach out to us to explore how λ | Cortex can align its advanced technology with your security needs.