Smart Features, Unparalleled Clarity

Turret Cameras

☑️   Wide angle for reduced blind spots
☑️   Seamless integration
☑️   Compact and streamlined design

Bullet Cameras

☑️   High resolution from a distance
☑️   Precise area coverage
☑️   Weather resistant housing

Vandal Domes

☑️   Built to withstand tampering
☑️   Robust protection from impact
☑️   Uninterrupted service

ANPR Cameras

☑️   Smart license plate recognition
☑️   Seamless plate data management
☑️   Integration with access systems

PTZ Cameras

☑️   Intelligent auto-tracking technology
☑️   Pan, tilt and zoom control
☑️   Impressive smart IR range

Active Deterrent

☑️   Customisable audible warnings
☑️   Flashing strobe light to deter intruders
☑️   Intelligent AI functionality

Elevate Your Security Setup

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