Why Choose λ | Cortex?

British Standards

We design our custom software, host our servers and build our Patriot & Admiral units at our UK-based HQ.

Intelligent Detection

Our products feature intelligent AI. Say goodbye to false alarms and focus on what truly matters – securing your environment effectively.

Scaleable Security

λ | Cortex solutions can be scaled up from small commercial buildings to government-level facilities. We will help you build your ideal solution.

Bespoke to Order

We feature a comprehensive range of cameras, recorders and accessories in our range, allowing for bespoke solutions that suit each install.

Smart Software

Our convenient λ | Cortex Go mobile app and advanced λ | Cortex VMS software allows for easy and intuitive surveillance of footage.

Unmatched Support

We have a dedicated team of experts ready to help you with any enquiries you may have. Simply contact us over phone or email, or fill in our form.

Elevate Your Security Setup

Are you ready to enhance your security strategy? Our team of expert consultants stands ready to assist. Reach out to us to explore how λ | Cortex can align its advanced technology with your security needs.